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Digital Analytics and Optimization

Our vision is to fundamentally transform the way companies operate by unlocking the power of digital analytics and helping them realize the promise of measurement and reporting technologies.

Whether you are looking to gain new insights on your existing consumer data or for a whole new way to measure your strategic marketing, Datamattic provides clear, nimble digital analytics services that will fundamentally transform the way you work with your data..

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Digital Analytics - Services

Digital Measurement Strategy

Full audits of existing sites, analytics tools, and reporting gaps to develop measurement strategies and resolution plans.

Digital Asset Instrumentation & Tagging

Solution design strategy, deployment, and tag management administration across customer experiences, including websites, mobile apps, gaming platforms.

Analytics, Reporting & Data Visualization

Dashboarding, analysis and insight generation.

Site Optimization & Targeting

A/B and multivariate testing, user segmentation and dynamic UX.

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