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DatumMkt is our Data Marketplace for educational and business purposes. Our awesome collection of datasets and data streams for students, data scientists and developers. Datasets across wide range of topics and categories. The data is made available by Datamattic for free (most of our datasets) or for a nominal cost. We also have enabled the ability to the community to request data from us.

Please visit our Data MarketplaceTM.


Description Price
Individual Dataset Pricing Varies. Refer specific dataset.
DatumMkt Data Library (Full Access for a month) $100 / Month
DatumMkt Data Library (Yearly Subscription) $500 / Year


  Can Datamattic provide the datasets in other formats?

  How frequently does Datamattic update the datasets?

  We want additional fields. Can Datamattic add it?

  How is the data delivered to me?

  How accurate is the data from Datamattic?

  Can I get access to all the data in your DatumMkt Library?

  Can I subscribe to DatumMkt Library?

  What is the License or Terms Of Use for the data?


DatumDoDTM is our Data On Demand (DoD) platform. DatumDoD helps businesses and decision scientists collect data through automation and solve the last mile problem in answering business questions. Data is key in solving business problems. But not all the data that is required to answer the question is readily available. We help solve that problem by getting you "that" data you need.

DatumDoD platform does three important things

Data Extraction Data Transformation Data Storage
Scans the relevant resources to extract the data through scraping external or internal resources with transformation to formats for reuse. Turns unstructured data to structured data. Cleans and curates the data as per the need. Stores structured data in a relational database for customers.

Data Types and Industries

We help customers obtain from a wide variety of sources spanning across multiple industries and business functions ranging from market intelligence to social data and everything in between. What is common across all Data On Demand needs is our platforms ability to deliver high quality data at high speeds.

How it works?

We work with you along the way to define and scope your data demand to ensure you get what you want. No more and no less. Below are the steps in the process

Below are the important steps

  • Step 1 - Requirements and Sample Validation
  • Step 2 - DatumDoD platform scans the Web
  • Step 3 - Extract Data
  • Step 4 - Tune Data
  • Step 5 - Deliver Data

Users of our data

Data is universal within organizations and everybody is a stakeholder. So, the users of the data are of two types. Businesses and people associated with these businesses who interact with the data


Research Organizations
Consulting Firms
App Developers


Data Scientists
Analytics Staff and Consultants
Business Executives
Application Developers
Technology Executives


We have a dynamic pricing model because this is a customized solution and no two requirements are similar. Given the difference in computational power, volumes of data and complexity of the website and data procurement, our pricing model is dynamic. But we guarantee that the pricing is very competitive.

Pricing is also determined by the following

  1. > Complexity of the customized solution and volume of data
  2. > Time and computation power required
  3. > Frequency of the data request - One Time Vs. Periodic
  4. > Access to data - Download vs. Cloud API

If you are already dealing with a lot of enterprise data and do not want to deal with additional data (and infrastructure overheads), we can help host the data for you and provide API access. The pricing will depend on the resource utilization

You can contact us for your custom data needs by sending a mail to