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 Finanace Analytics
Sales AnalysisReceipt AnalysisMargin Analysis
Understand how your sales is performing over time. What is the average number of items that your customers buy? What is the margin of various items in your menu?
Know what are the common payment types that your customers are using and more. What is the average revenue per check? What are the most and least profitable items?
 Food and Menu Analytics
Menu AnalysisFood Category AnalysisAttribute Analysis
What are the best and worst selling items in your Menu? What is the category mix of your revenue and volume? How does various brands, sizes, colors and flavors across various products perform and why?
What are the dishes that are commonly brought together? What are the most and least profitable categories?
Are there too many items in your menu? Can you optimize your menu
What is the price elasticity of various menu items? How much can you increase your price without losing revenue?
 Social Media Analytics

We make online review management easy. Don't miss another customer review. GENIUS collects all your online reviews in one place and does Analytics on them

We monitor the following review sites on a daily basis for new reviews: Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor and more. When your business receives a new review, we will notify you via email. Whether your business has 10 locations or 100, our system make it easy to manage.
You can provide dashboard access to your team at the corporate, regional, district, or store level. We can deliver automatic reports at the corporate, region, district, or store level. Compare how you are doing over time with our custom consolidated scoring system.
Identify positive and negative mentions related to diners experiences in a multitude of categories. What is on top of the mind when customers think about you?. What stands out about your restaurant?
 Employee Analytics
Sales AnalysisFood Analysis
What is the total sales by the employee? What are the top selling items by the employee?
What is the turn-over by week and month? What are the top selling item categories by the employee?
What is the average revenue/ check by the employee?
 Guest Analytics
Loyalty AnalysisChurn Analysis
Who are my most loyal customers? Who are the customers who have churned?
What are the food items that drives loyalty? Who are the customers who might come back?
What is the LTV of the customer? What is the likelihood of a customer to churn?
How frequently do loyal customers visit?
What is the average check value of loyalists?
 Floor Analytics
Occupancy and Service Time AnalysisTable Analysis
What is the total service time and wait-time for the customer? What is the average daily revenue on the table? What are the top tables in terms of revenue?
What is the overall occupancy rate for the restaurant? What is the occupancy rate of the tables? What are the top tables by occupancy rate?
What is the best/worst occupancy in terms of time of the day and day of the week?
 Web Analytics
Get all your data, information and insights from one single place without having to sign into multiple tools, systems and dashboards. Access your Web Analytics* data and reports from within GENIUS
We currently support only Google Analytics.
 Promotion Analytics
What is the sales impact of product price changes and competitive pricing?
What is the optimal discount and how does price and promotion response vary by market?
Which promotions work best for different consumer segments?
How often and how intensely to promote?
Promote the whole line or focus on a few key items?
Which promotions have halo effects on non-promoted products?
Custom Analytics.
 Peer Store Analytics
Our Peer Store analytics module helps compare Store A vs. Store B across various dimensions. This is particularly useful to Small and medium chain restaurants. We analyze* and provide insights on things that are working and areas of improvement which can be learned and applied across other locations to optimize the operations and performance across all the restaurants in the chain
Custom Analytics.
 Inventory Analytics
What are the slow moving merchandise stock?
What are the items that have been constantly in stock where the inventory held could be reduced without any impact to turnover or profit?
What items are related? (i.e. will the sale of item A often result in the sale of item B)
What are the inventory exceptions (Negative stock quantities, Items not sold for long etc.)?
Custom Analytics.
 Custom and Advanced Analytics
Market Analysis
Brand Analysis
Track PerformanceSimple and BeautifulOutstanding Support
Measure your success with simple, intuitive reports across your food, employees, customers etc. In-depth does not mean complicated. We have made the reports and dashboards simple, meaningful and beautiful. Get help, ask questions, or have us make changes. Your personal service manager is always here to help with anything you need. All you need to do is ASK!
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