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Datamattic provides analytics solutions and platforms for small and medium businesses to enable data informed decision making. Datamattic offers analytics services in three following areas.

Analytics Strategy

Building and executing the analytics strategy for your organization.

Advanced Analytics & Decision Support

Across Customers, Supply Chain, Finance, HR and IT.

Analytics Solution Development

Institutionalizing analytics by building lasting solutions.

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While big corporations have the budget to go after big opportunities using data and Analytics, small businesses don't have a person on staff who has the training, the time, and the focus to gather, analyze, and act on the data, resulting in improved efficiency of the business and its operations. So, Small businesses that "get the importance of analytics" and really are willing to pay the price to improve must find and engage competent and creative consultants and firms like Datamattic for several hours per month.

Organizations make decisions based on analysis of data to understand the following spectrum of the business:


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