Best in class Social Analytics for Restaurants. We understand what matters to restaurants on social. That's why RESTAURANT SOCIAL is one of the leading social analytics solutions used by restaurant brands around the globe. Schedule a demo by signing-up below.


RESTAURANT SOCIAL helps you measure your efforts in context across all your social profiles, including your corporate, local, and dedicated customer service accounts. See your efforts for a single account or holistically across several different social networks, all in one place.

Tune into Sentiment and Customer Service Concerns About Your Brand. The number of consumers using social media for customer service is on the rise. Ensure your teams stay on top of what loyal customers want with sentiment analysis and customer service reporting for one or all of your social accounts.



We've kept it simple. There are no hidden costs and no contracts. All of our amazing features are included in your monthly subscription.

$50 per location/ month

New Discounted (50%) Price - $25 per location/ month

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